Junior Membership



Junior Membership

Frequently Asked Questions


-Exhibitors must be 21 and under as of January 1st, 2018.
-There will be the following age divisions (based on age as of January 1):

  • Junior (ages 10 and under)

  • Intermediate (ages 11-15)

  • Senior (ages 16-21)

-Enrollment for the HYSLC will be available throughout the entire year. Points will start accumulating once the youth’s membership is paid.
-All shows will be held in the states of Iowa, Minnesota and Nebraska. Only 4 shows will count towards year end points for shows held outside the state of Iowa.  The HYSLC is open to youth from any state.
-Junior membership is $25 per individual and $40 for a family of 2 or more.

-For Junior members to earn points, the following expectations shall be met:

  • Points will start to accumulate once the youth's membership is paid.

  • Members are expected to be on the head and in control of their lamb in order to earn points.

  • Ring assistance is only allowed from other HYLSC Junior Members in order to earn points.

*Adults will be allowed to assist for any member regardless of their respective age division that require assistance due to an intellectual or physical disability with the opportunity to earn points.

-Each exhibitor will be responsible for selling raffle tickets.
-Tickets will be $5 per ticket

-The raffle will be a 50/50 drawing. 50% will go back to the HYSLC. 1st prize will get 20%, 2nd prize will get 15%, 3rd prize will get 10% and 4th prize will get 5%.
-All tickets and proceeds need to be sent in to: Brad Amthauer, 1175 Vance Avenue, Beaman, IA 50609
-All tickets are due by the HYSLC Fall Classic.
-Raffle drawing will be held at the HYSLC Fall Classic.
-Double bonus points will be awarded to any junior member who sells over 50 tickets.  The top three raffle ticket sellers will receive the following prizes:
    •Top seller – TBD
    •Second high seller – TBD
    •Third high seller - TBD


  • Overall Champion Market Lamb Exhibitor will receive an Allen Treadmill

  • Overall Champion Commercial Ewe Exhibitor will receive a One year lease of an Alum-line Popper.

  • Top 15 Overall Market Lamb Exhibitors

  • Top 10 Overall Commercial Ewe Exhibitors

  • Top 3 exhibitors within each Market Lamb Breed divisions

  • Top 5 Showmanship within each age division

  • Top 5 all around in educational activities

  • Top 3 per age division within each educational activity

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