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mission statement

Mission of the Heartland Youth Show Lamb Circuit is to promote an environment that will allow Junior Market Lamb Exhibitors to be  actively involved in an ethical, practical and educational summer series of market lamb shows that culminates with a season ending rewards program based on age, overall performance in the show ring and in the educational arena while making the entire experience affordable and enjoyable for all of the participating exhibitors and their families.


  1. The Hearltand Youth Show Lamb Circuit is a summer show lamb circuit that consist of sanctioned shows and youth activities.

  2. The board of directors’ services as the official record keepers.

  3. The show season will take place from May to the Fall Finale in September

  4. Please check the Heartland Youth Show Lamb Circuits Facebook page for regular updates regarding shows, points, and sponsorship highlights.

eligibility & enrollment

  1. Enrollment is open to any youth ages 21 and under as of January 1, 2023. Membership is open to youth from any state and not limited to Iowa.

  2. A $25 enrollment fee per individual and $40 for a family of 2 or more will be assessed to become a member of the HYSLC.

  3. Enrollment for the HYSLC will be available throughout the entire year. Points will not start accumulating until membership is paid.

  4. All shows will be held in the states of Iowa, Minnesota, and Nebraska.

  5. For a member to earn points, the following expectations shall be met:

    • Points will start to accumulate once the youth’s membership is paid.

    • Members are expected to be on the head and in control of their lamb in order to receive points.

    • Ring assistance is only allowed from other HYSLC Youth Members in order to receive points.

      • Adults will be allowed to assist for any member regardless of their respective age division that require assistance due to an intellectual or physical disability with the opportunity to earn points.

    • Members must be present at the show to receive points for that show. Substitute showman are only allowed in the instance of injury, multiple lambs per class or drive, or if assistance is needed due to an intellectual or physical disability.

sanctioned show requirements

  1. Shows wishing to sanction with the HYSLC must submit a sanction fee of $50 per show.

  2. All HYSLC Shows are required to have the following breeds within their show.

    • Breeds for Commercial Ewes: Black Face Commercial Ewes and White Breed Influence Commercial Ewes 

    • Breeds for Market Lambs: Cross, Hamp, Natural, Suffolk, Speck, and White Face.

    • Showmanship – Judge must place every exhibitor, show officials are required to record the placing.

      • Junior (Ages 10 and under)

      • Intermediate (Ages 11-15)

      • Senior (Ages 16-21)

  3. All shows will place a Top 5 Overall from the Market Lamb breeds and a Top 3 Overall from the Commercial Ewe breeds.

  4. Top 5 Market Lambs and Top 3 Commercial Ewes will only be chosen from breed champions and reserves.

  5. Double header shows are only required to hold one showmanship.

  6. Points are to be submitted using the HYSLC Show Template.

  7. If a show does not comply with the above listed rules, a show may be banned from sanctioning with the HYSLC if they continually fail to follow requirements.

  8. Each sanctioned show will be required to submit show results via e-mail to Rachel Engel at, using the HYSLC provided excel template and must be submitted within 7-10 days of show conclusion.

  9. *Shows do NOT need to be in Iowa

**If any requirements of the HYSLC are not met by the show, the HYSLC has the option to not sanction that show in the future.                                                                                                                                                                                                               


  • Overall Champion Market Lamb Exhibitor award TBD

  • Overall Champion Commercial Ewe Exhibitor award TBD

  • Top 15 Overall Market Lamb Exhibitors

  • Top 10 Overall Commercial Ewe Exhibitors

  • Top 3 Exhibitors within each Market Lamb Breed Divisions

  • Top 5 Showmanship within each Age Division

  • Top 3 per age division within each educational activity

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